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    About us

    Abcam identifies, develops, and provides high-quality biological reagents and tools which are essential in a wide range of fields and applications including drug discovery, diagnostics and basic research. 


    Our mission

    To serve life scientists to achieve their mission, faster.

    Why faster?

    When it comes to your research, we know every moment counts.

    That's why you can count on us when you need things to simply be right, so you can keep moving forward.

    Because more time means more progress.

    Our challenge

    Antibodies are the beating heart of biotech. Whether as a therapeutic, or as a tool of detection, they are fundamental.

    The search for antibodies with the necessary sensitivity, specificity and consistency for this range of applications is a constant challenge.

    Meeting the challenge

    We harness data-driven insights to identify, develop and provide the newest and best biological binders available globally. Find out more.

    ?We embed quality and validation into all our processes to support the drive for accurate and reproducible scientific research. Find out more. 

    ??We question the status quo, empowering life scientists to break through barriers to progress. Find out more. 

    ??We continuously seek out customer feedback and R&D collaborations to anticipate problems before they come up and solve them. Find out more.

    We build on technical and scientific advancements to enhance how we develop, produce and deliver our products, so that you can go further, faster. Find out more. 


    Our people

    Our team is our biggest asset. We have over 1,100 employees, across eleven sites globally, who thrive on deploying their in-depth knowledge and expertise.

    Our products

    We supply the global life science community with antibodies, reagents and kits that are supported by detailed data - from handling and recommended use, to validation results, user comments, and peer-reviewed citations.

    Our products combine biology and data, together with expert customer support and fast delivery.

    Key ranges:

    Our partnerships

    We have the experience and capabilities to partner with life science organisations to co-create antibodies as key reagents in drug discovery, in vitro diagnostics, and therapeutics. Find out more.

    We offer world-leading data-driven expertise in antibodies and propietary antibody discovery platforms. Find out more.

    We can provide full-cycle support, all the way from antibody identification and development, to validation, pre-clinical selection, licensing, and commercialisation. Find out more.

    Fuelling the engine of research

    We supply two thirds of the world's life scientists with over 110,000 products to research protein targets - across antibodies, proteins, lysates, biochemicals, kits and assays.

    We manufacture our own products in our specialist facilities worldwide, as well as sourcing from over 400 partners.

    ?Collaborating with the Life Sciences industry to enable the development of tomorrow's medicines.

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