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    eProcurement at Abcam


    You need efficiency and simplicity in your purchasing systems, and we understand that. That's why we offer a variety of e-catalog solutions tailored to your needs. 


    What is eProcurement?

    eProcurement is an electronic system that gives you digital access to every step of the buying journey from looking for your product in our catalog to placing the order and getting your invoice.

    What are the benefits of eProcurement?

    • Save time and increase your productivity
      • With the product information available in one place, you can make your purchase order (PO) right away – with electronic POs this process is even smoother
    • Reduce error
      • With the manual steps in the purchase process removed there’s no chance for you to use the wrong product information
    • Get additional information
      • We provide you with additional product data, such as UNSPSC or eClass, included in the eProcurement system
    • Improve visibility
      • You can help control expenditure since all spending figures are in a single place – which also makes spend reporting much easier
    • Standardize buying
      • eProcument makes your buying processes more homogeneous between different departments, something that is especially important for bigger organizations
    • Save money
      • With time-saving comes money saving as paperwork and additional fees are eliminated

    Which eProcurement solution does Abcam offer?

    We can offer you e-purchase orders and e-invoices that can be sent by email or set up as EDI/cXML.
    Our e-catalogs can be in either a hosted or punch-out format depending on your needs:

    • Hosted e-catalogs are static files with product data like name, description, and price as well as typical e-commerce identification codes like e-class or UNSPSC
    • Punch-out e-catalogs give you access to our live catalog at any time. This is effectively a mirror of our website that provides you with live product availability, immediate access to data sheets and product reviews.

    Any of these solutions can be enabled independently, but most users opt to combine them for the most streamlined way to conduct their business.

    Which catalog fits your organization?

    Real-time pricingYesNo
    Product imagesMultipleSingle
    Product descriptionExpandedBasic
    Product availabilityYesNo
    Contact informationYesNo
    Product Q&AYesNo
    Product updatesContinuousDelayed
    Publication referencesYesNo
    Suggested productsYesNo
    Return policyYesNo

    How to set up an eProcurement system with Abcam

    We find that an individual approach is necessary for each customer so that we can cater to your unique requirements. A typically setup process would consist of three main steps:

    1.     Evaluation of your organization's requirements

    2.     Implementation and testing of the system

    3.     Switching to a live environment

    We are happy to go through all of the steps in more detail, answer any technical questions you may have, and of course help you decide which solution is the best for you.

    To find out more or get started with eProcurement, complete our form or email eprocurement@abcam.com.

    Please note, establishing an eProcurement system requires a degree of technical infrastructure. For an e-catalog to be stored and electronic messages to be sent, eProcurement systems or platforms are required – these can be from an external provider or your in-house procurement software. We have plenty of experience working with various platforms around the world.

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