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    Discover, innovate, and get to market, faster

    Commercial partnerships to advance your diagnostic and therapeutic discovery

    Accelerate your next breakthrough in diagnostics and therapeutics

    Abcam's comprehensive portfolio of high quality, customizable solutions are ideal for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Our technical ability coupled with a flexible commercial approach enables us to deliver projects that will help achieve your goals.
    Flexible strategic approach · Proven success in RUO and commercial markets · IP protection · Multiple antibody discovery platforms · ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and GMP Quality Systems 

    Antibody discovery

    Success can hinge on finding an antibody that has the right affinity and specificity, all within a limited timeframe. Yet many protein targets are difficult to produce an antibody against, making this a risky and potentially costly process.

    To maximize your success, our expert team of protein and antibody scientists will collaborate with you to fully understand your needs, analyze the properties of your target, and design the best discovery strategies for you. With multiple discovery platforms and our industry expertise, you can rely on us to keep your program on track and delivered on time.

    Industry focus

    Every collaboration is unique. With your endpoint in mind, we tailor each relationship to meet your needs. By developing a robust technical, IP and commercial approach right from the start, we work to minimize technical risks and maximize your commercial success. We take the time to understand your long-term objectives and our development programs allow both companies to succeed. Your success is our success.

    Diagnostic development

    Sensitive, specific, and consistent. With a wide range of disease areas covered, we can support IVD development programs through custom or existing catalog antibodies. Our custom antibody team work with you to understand your diagnostic application, and will guide you through key development considerations to ensure commercial success.

    We support antibody development across the IVD sector, from laboratory-developed tests and rapid assay platforms through to companion diagnostics and clinical trials. Our recombinant IVD clones are produced in compliance with the FDA's Quality Systems Regulations (21 CFR, Part 820) and ISO 13485. Our antibodies created using our RabMAb? technology are used in 6 FDA approved companion diagnostic assays and we routinely supply ASR grade material to the market.

    From discovery to clinic

    With robust IP on our discovery platforms and proprietary multiplex technology for biomarker discovery, we support pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in bringing innovative medicine to market, with high-performance reagents that are suitable for research and commercial use. We are well-positioned to support companion diagnostics development and commercialization through our strong connections with tissue diagnostic developers and our technical capabilities.

    Reagents for assay development

    ?With a continuously-expanding catalog of stable, sensitive and specific recombinant antibodies and pairs that are provided in a format ready for development, we support innovative platform and instrument providers in expanding their assay offerings, at speed. Our recombinant antibodies are fully characterized and supplied with a full data package, helping to reduce assay development costs and time.

    Therapeutic antibody discovery

    The pursuit of innovation leads to unprecedented science that can transform patients' lives. That is why we continuously challenge ourselves to create the best affinity reagents and provide the most comprehensive support to our partners. Let the culmination of our work support your next discovery.

    Start innovating together

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