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    Important changes to our supply chain


    As a global business, we are constantly evaluating the efficiency of our supply chain in order to best serve our customers. We are, therefore, expanding our global logistics capability and have established a distribution hub in Amsterdam to be closer to our customers in Europe.

    ??We will now be conducting European business from a new Dutch entity, Abcam (Netherlands) B.V., and all orders will be processed and invoiced by Abcam (Netherlands) B.V.  We would like to reassure you that you will continue to receive direct and easy access to our biological reagents and tools.

    We are contacting Finance Departments in your organisations to inform them of the changes they need to make. Please read our FAQs for further information.


    Do I have to do anything because of this change?

    ?The only thing you need to do is pay your invoices into a new bank address and account. Everything else will remain the same.

    Will my invoicing change?

    ?Yes, European customers (except the UK) will now be invoiced by our Abcam (Netherlands) B.V. entity and from 1 October 2019 will need to pay their invoices to a new bank address and account as detailed below.

    Company Name:       Abcam (Netherlands) B.V.

    Bank Address:             HSBC Bank Plc

                                         DE ENTREE AMSTERDAM ZUIDOOST 242


                                         1101 EE


    VAT number:               NL 859153885B01

    For full bank details, please refer to our recent communication, or contact orders@abcam.com

    Will my VAT change?

    ?Our prices are exclusive of VAT and VAT only applies to customers in the European Union (EU).

    For UK Customers:?

    We must charge VAT unless your organization is VAT exempt in which case a copy of your VAT exemption certificate must be provided with your order. Please check with your purchasing department for more information and email the certificate to orders@abcam.com?

    For European Customers (excluding the Netherlands) outside the UK:?

    We must charge VAT unless your organization is registered, and you provide us with the VAT number at the time the order is placed, please also include the country code prefix for the VAT number.

    For Customers in the Netherlands?:

    You will need to account for VAT under the normal domestic reverse charging mechanism. Organisations without a VAT number will be charged a standard rate of 21% VAT.

    Will I still be able to order the same products as before?

    Yes, you will still be able to purchase any product from our website.

    Will you manufacture products in the Netherlands?

    ?Our facility in the Netherlands will store and ship products. Our products will continue to be made in our manufacturing hubs in the UK, US and China.

    Will I receive my order faster?

    Delivery times will remain the same. All in-stock orders received Monday to Friday will be shipped for next-day delivery.

    Will shipping costs change?

    Shipping costs will remain the same. These are highlighted on each product datasheet on our website.

    Will shipping timings change?

    Shipping timings will remain unchanged although the cut off time for orders will move from 5pm to 4:30pm (CET).  

    Will the delivery carrier change?

    No changes to the current delivery carrier are planned at this time.

    Will there be any impact to product quality?

    ?No, we will have same cold-chain controls and high quality as for all our logistics hubs.

    Will I need to send returns to a different address?

    ?Yes, European customers (except the UK) will need to send returns to the following address:

    Abcam NL 
    c/o Expeditors International B.V.
    ?Naritaweg 1

    Will there be any shipping delays?

    There will be no impact to most orders. Due to legal requirements, certain products will be sent from the UK, which could see some slight impact to delivery times to those products. If there is an expected change in lead delivery times, we will inform customers before purchasing.

    Will my products be more expensive?

    This service change will not impact product prices.

    ?Will the order process stay the same?

    ?Yes, our ordering process will remain the same. Please contact us, if you have any questions.

    I buy from you in the UK, will anything change?

    There will be no changes for our UK customers, who will continue to receive orders from our Cambridge, UK, office.

    Will my Abcam point of contact remain the same?

    Yes, all points of contact will remain the same. Please see our contact us page for details.

    Where can I send any written correspondence?

    ?Our global Headquarters has moved to a new location on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus.

    Our new address is:
    Abcam plc                                                                                           
    Discovery Drive                                                                                    
    Cambridge Biomedical Campus       
    Cambridge, UK        
    ?CB2 0AX

    Who do I contact if I have any further inquiries?

    ?Please contact us if you have any questions.

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