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    Knockout lysates


    Edited and ready to use

    Access over 2,800 diploid knockout (KO) cell lysates, generated from commonly used cancer cell lines.

    ?CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing technology is a powerful tool that has allowed us to develop an extensive range of knockout cell lysates.

    Our range provides you with

    • Immediate access: our lysates take away the need to generate your own KO cell line, potentially saving you 4-–12 weeks of time
    • Choice: select from the industry’s largest library of immortalized diploid KO cell lines including Hela, HEK293T, A549, HCT116, Hep G2, and MCF7, derived from single cell clones
    • Standardized format: each product is prepared in the same way, so you get consistency each time for reproducible results

    Each knockout cell line is individually cloned and validated by Sanger sequencing. The KO cell lysates are provided with the parental wild-type lysate to allow the biological impact of the knockout to be assessed within a consistent cellular background.

    Find your lysate

    Knockout cell lines- ready early 2020

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    Frequently asked questions

    Get the answers to frequently asked questions about our knockout cell lysates range


    How are Abcam’s Knockout (KO) cell lines generated?

    In July 2019, Abcam acquired the entire portfolio of diploid KO cell lines from Edigene. The KO cell lines are single clonal, generated using CRISPR/Cas9 technology, and validated using sanger sequencing. Please refer to the product’s datasheets for the specific mutation information. For details of how the lysates were prepared please refer to our lysis protocol. 

    How are the lysates made?

    Our lysates are made using RIPA buffer to which we add protease inhibitor cocktail and phosphatase inhibitor cocktail (ration 300:100:10). Please refer to our lysis protocol for further details on how the lysates were prepared. 

    RIPA buffer: 150 mM NaCl, 1.0% IGEPAL? CA-630, 0.5% sodium deoxycholate, 0.1% SDS, 50 mM Tris, pH 8.0.

    How should I reconstitute my lysate?

    Please refer to the product’s datasheet for reconstitution instructions.

    How should I store the KO lysate once I receive it?

    Once reconstituted, we recommend you store the lysate at -20 degrees for short-term storage, or -80 degrees for long-term storage. For further details please refer to the product’s datasheet.  

    What do I receive when I purchase the KO lysate?

    You will receive 100μg of the lyophilized KO lysate & 100μg of the appropriate lyophilized wild-type/parental cell line. You can find full details on the product’s datasheet.

    Can I use my own WT/parental lysate?

    Please only use the wild-type lysate provided when you purchased the KO lysate.

    Is the lysate denatured or native?

    The lysates are denatured.

    Are the KO lysates the same ones you use in your antibody KO validation programme?

    We use the extensive library of human, KO haploid cell lines generated via CRISPR/Cas9 for our antibody validation programme, and we will be adding to this using our new range of diploid KO cell lines. 

    Can we get the gRNA sequence?

    Unfortunately we are not able to provide the gRNA sequence. 

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